Book your FREE Computer Recycling
Collection today...
Collections include a Waste Transfer Note +
Offsite data wiping...
Onsite Hard Drive Crushing is also available,
Prices start at £3.99 per drive...

Our Services

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Computer Recycling

Depending on the number of main items, we can provide FREE Computer Recycling.
Collections always come with a Waste Transfer Note.
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Offsite Data Destruction

If you have any sensitive data on your hard drives, good news...
ECD Ltd provide complimentaty data wiping with our collections.
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Onsite Data Destruction

Data wiping not providing the peace of mind you require?
We also provide an ONSITE crushing service at £3.99 per drive.
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What Do We Collect?

We aim to provide a FREE Computer Collections Service every time, however we require a minimum of 20 Main items.
If you have an item that isn't listed below, please contact us.

  • Main Items

  • Computers

  • LCD Monitors

  • Laptops

  • Servers

  • Tablets

  • Sub Items

  • Keyboards

  • Mice

  • Cables

  • Switches

  • Projectors

If you don't have 20 Main items but still require a Recycling Collection, please contact our friendly staff for a quote.

How does it work?

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Our Onsite Hard Drive Crushing Service

Crusher Infomation:

  • We can crush 3 hard drives per minute!
  • The machine does not require electricity to run, which means we won't interupt your office atmousphere or staff.


£3.99 per drive

(If the hard drive is already loose.)

£4.99 per drive

(If the hard drive requires removal from the machine its in.)

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